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Ladies Day Take 2

Another successful afternoon full of lovely ladies for Williams Wealth Consultancy & Appoint Consulting. We even had Lincolnshire Pride Magazine making an appearance to take some photos!

It was lovely to meet everyone and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We had over 40

attendees enjoying a glass of pimms and afternoon tea.

Sarah Rose, Williams Wealth Consultancy, started the afternoon off with a catch up from the first event. She also discussed the pension gap again and how our children will have to save 25% of their income for their pension to last.

We heard from Susan Ritchie on her story 'To Borneo & Back!'. An inspiring woman with 6 important points we could all take away. For example, Choose Well - remember who matters and the opinions we care about!

Get your voice heard - standing in the kitchen and putting the kettle on is sometimes not the place to be! Prove yourself and find your voice to be seen in the workplace.

Show interest in everyone - don't be the person to make someone feel so small.

We then heard from Stuart Green, founder of The Armour Group, on 'Carrying criminals into the office!'. Stuart definitely terrified us all demonstrating how cyber attacks have developed in time. Stuart also mentioned about all the social media platforms that are 'free', they are collecting and selling data and using it to their advantage. Your online footprint is worth £820 on the black market and can be sold over and over again!!!

Overall, a great afternoon at The Blue Room in Lincoln. A laid back approach to networking.

Hopefully see you all again in March 2020.

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