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Ladies Day - 10th July - Our First Networking Event

Wow! A very successful first networking event for us and Appoint Consulting! I feel like we can now relax ... for about 5 minutes ... on to planning the next one!

The aim of our networking events is to have a laid back approach, not a pushy sales corporate event. We are all about building relationships with one another and getting to know each other!

It was lovely to meet everyone and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We had over 50

attendees enjoying a glass of pimms and afternoon tea.

We were all totally inspired by a fabulous lady, Alexis Powell-Howard, MD of Fortis Therapy, a multi award winning business. We learnt all about Superpowers for Super Women. Every superpower discussed was very fitting to all.

For example, saying no! I'm totally rubbish at this so it was great for me to listen to.

Self Care and booking time in for you ... pretty much everyone in the room related to this.

The one that got a lot of reaction was 'sieve the negative thoughts, keep the positives', we all keep the negative thoughts in our head but we need to be more positive!

We then heard from our very own Sarah Rose, Chartered Financial Planner from Williams Wealth Consultancy. Sarah discussed the Pension Gap and how we can overcome this with planning and financial advice.

I think Sarah shocked a lot of ladies in the room about how much we need to be putting away into a pension for us all to be able to retire. Also we all know someone, if not us, who push their pension statements in their top draw.

Overall, a great afternoon at The Blue Room in Lincoln. A laid back approach to networking.

Hopefully look forward to seeing you all again on the 6th November!

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